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Aluminum Composite Panels 

complete with a ridiculous attention to detail.

All BOMA Aluminum Composite Panels are custom CAD designed and CNC fabricated in house on our top of the line PANELBuilder for the utmost accuracy and quality. Available with either FR (fire rated) or PE (polyethylene) cores, we offer multiple design options to best suit your project and budget. 


Download our brochures below to understand all of the benefits each system has to offer.  Inside you will also find the cross sectional details to help illustrate how each system works.

We are proud fabricators of:


(Dry Joint Panel System)

Back ventilated and drained, these panels are fabricated off site and are the most common ACM  rainscreens available.                       

BVT-5000HR - hidden rivet

(Dry Joint Panel System)

The finest ACM panel reveal treatments available today, our BVT-5000HR system has absolutely no visible attachments, including rivets. The reveal is completely free and clear of any fasteners and provides an aesthetically pleasing finish that is unrivaled by any other ACM system available in the market today.


(Exposed Extrusion System)


The most cost effective ACM system, fabricated on site by you. Check out what makes ours different.

EXP 3_edited.jpg


(Wet Joint Panel System)


This caulked panel system provides the highest level of protection against water ingress that an ACM rainscreen can provide.

Wet seal ACM panels


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