custom flashings

Highly accurate  Just like you.

48 hour turnaround on all in-stock material!

Call for more details

Leading edge equipment.  Operated by the best. 

You can have a great team, but without the right equipment they just can't do the job.  This is why we only have the best people. And the best equipment.  Period.


Since our inception, we've been running with only the highest quality CNC equipment.  Every bend is precisely placed.  Every angle is decidedly accurate.


The other guys can keep their manual systems and processes.  We moved on decades ago.

So you want purple trim? 

                Go ahead.  We won't judge.

High tensile steel.  Copper.  Aluminum.  26 gauge.   29 gauge.  Painted on both sides.  


We stock a massive variety of sheet products so that we can service your needs quickly. We do this because we understand that work needs to get done, and you can't be waiting weeks for custom flashings.  We help you get to your next project faster.  And if we don't have it in stock, our network of suppliers agrees with our quick-turn around philosophy and will get it to us, so we can get it to you.

                                                  But purple is a special order.

Embedded S-Locks.  Cut installation times in half.

S-Locks provide superior water resistance on account of less holes being made into the flashings themselves.  But why work with clumsy 2 piece S-Locks when you can just have it right on the flashing itself?  Ask us what makes our s-locks better, and how it can cut your installation times in half.


Let's face it.  Nobody really enjoys installing exterior metal flashings in the cold.   Why should it take longer than it has to?



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